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10 May 2020

YOUR TOP 5 LOCKDOWN CHALLENGES & How to turn them into opportunities


A 5 week series for business leaders needing to transform your business towards the “new norm”

As the world celebrated the 2020 new year, launching into a new decade, businesses globally have been sucked into a state of panic and chaos by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Non-essential industries have been forced into lockdown.  Staff are having to work from home or worse, have been furloughed, in an attempt to save money and the business.  The media and many world leaders are forecasting the next global recession. This may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for some businesses.

As the business owner you may feel you’re scrambling to put a make shift contingency plan in place to survive the lockdown period.  However, the more pro-active business leaders amongst you are are re-evaluating your whole business model.  You’ll be looking to emerge from lockdown with a clear vision of how you’re going to kick-start your operations into action.  

With this in mind, here at Alluxi, we’ve been keeping in touch with our clients. We are introducing ways to help SME’s stay connected with their teams.  In collaboration with our trusted partner, Engagement Multiplier, we offer straight forward, practical solutions to turn your challenges into opportunities.

The Engagement Multiplier team approached a large pool of business leaders and identified their TOP 5 LOCKDOWN CHALLENGES.  Over the next 5 weeks, this series of blogs will tackle one challenge at a time. Each week we’ll provide simple tools and techniques to implement with your teams.

The beauty of these tools, techniques and solutions are they can be applied to any business, regardless of whether your staff are having to work remotely or not.

1 Working Reactively versus Proactively

How do we adopt a progressive and productive mindset and culture in the new normal?

2 Fragmented Team Communication

How do we keep everyone on the same page?

3 Ensuring the right things are being done in the right order

How do we know everyone is working on the right priorities – and getting them done?

4 Effective Time Management

How do we help our team ensure they’re managing their time productively?

5 Maintaining Fun & Energy

How do we keep team energy high and support teamwork when working remotely, with all the negative press surrounding COVID-19?

The first blog in this series will address Challenge 1 –  How to work reactively versus proactively.  We’ll be offering a completely free survey for you to share with your teams.  Get their anonymous, honest and open feedback on their fears and concerns. You can take positive action to help them be connected, proactive and productive.  Coupled with the free Success Guide to interpret the results, we’ll provide you with robust tools to implement & achieve greater engagement from your employees. 


Alluxi is here to offer you support through these times of change, bringing a facts and figures approach to evolve your business and realise your goals.

As a first step towards identifying your current business challenges and evaluating where your future opportunities exist within your business, we invite you to complete the in-depth Alluxi Business Success Scorecard delving into the 10 key critical success areas.

Take 15 minutes to respond to the scorecard and get your results within minutes.  You’ll have the opportunity to book a follow-up Productivity to Profit Breakthrough Session to find out how you can implement rapid and measurable improvements.