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27 May 2020
Management Control Systems

TOP 5 LOCKDOWN CHALLENGES – Ensuring the right things are being done in the right order


A 5 week series for business leaders needing to transform their business towards the “new normal”


Challenge 3  –  Ensuring the Right Things are Being Done in the Right Order

When lockdown was first introduced I posted a short blog with Six Survival Guidelines for SME’s.  This highlighted how managing employees remotely doesn’t have to be complex, but it can be more difficult to make sure they’re doing the right thing at the right time, to keep your business moving in the right direction. 

Working remotely from our managers, peers and colleagues adds a very different dimension to achieving goals and targets. Business owners and leaders need to be very specific and succinct in guiding the teams priorities and day to day goals. Each team member will react differently to the impact remote working has.  As their manager you need to ensure you keep them focused and proactive.

The 3x3x3 Approach

Worry and uncertainty are the enemy of productivity. Business must go on, and while we are in challenging times, this too shall pass. Once you’ve decided how you intend to run your business through these troubled times, clearly communicate the strategy with the team, and regularly thereafter. People make up what they don’t know, and clearly communicating how your company intends to survive and thrive is key. 

One very important step is to ensure any existing meeting’s scheduled, are maintained via video conferencing.  Keeping to schedule, come what may, is very grounding. There is so much we can do, when we’ve got the determination, to maintain business as usual – even when events are anything BUT usual.

An added ingredient you might want to include or set up separately to these normal scheduled meetings however, is the 3x3x3 approach.  This method is designed to stay focused and, importantly, keep everyone informed about current initiatives and plans. 

The 3x3x3 is very simple to use.  Each day, in advance of the team meeting, each staff member sets themselves up for success by writing down the following:

  • 3 things they’re grateful for right now (always uplifting), and 
  • 3 things they will achieve today to provide focus and, the most important actions they need to take.

Then at the end of that working day,

  • Reflect on and identify 3 (or more) wins of the day.

These are all shared in the team connection meeting, and as team members see others achieving, should encourage them to do the same.  It should also create some great discussion points, transferrable insights, and opportunities for collaboration. 

As each individual is working through their 3 things they’ll achieve today, the manager can be guiding them towards the required outcomes if they’re not quite aligning their goals with your immediate business priorities.  Your priorities may be quite different during this crisis, than they are in normal circumstances, so this communication and coordination is critical.

As a side effect, it may create some healthy competition amongst the team, but don’t allow those who don’t always reach their goals, to get disheartened. You may find specific employees need a one to one, to deal with any negativity or feeling demotivated after a bad day. 

Working From Home & Winning Survey

Try the Working from Home & Winning Survey, to get better insight of how your team are really feeling.   The Free “Working from Home & Winning” survey gives you a quick and easy tool to get anonymous feedback from your employees working from home. It takes just 3 simple steps to set the survey up, share with your team, and receive  a summary report, in a very short space of time.   

To interpret the results of the survey, and for more detail on how to adapt the team to remote working, you can download the FREE Working From Home & Winning Success Guide: How To Keep Remote Teams Connected, Proactive and Productive

Next week’s blog will address the fourth challenge Effective Time ManagementWe’ll be sharing tips and guidance with you to ensure your teams are managing their time productively.