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We are a UK based Marine, Subsea and Onshore Cable Consultancy service providing solutions for your submarine cable business and associated activities in the marine sector.

Mario’s extensive global experience in the submarine cable and marine sectors enables us to provide appropriate support through a wide range of disciplines during the project life cycle of HV/MV submarine and onshore cable systems.  We can provide:

  • A range of support services to the subsea cable installation and protection portfolio of the client, from business development to project execution.
  • Practical consultancy advice and guidance as a technical and business development resource.
  • Hands on management of projects and technical project delivery
  • Specialist advice to ensure that appropriate elements of the client’s project are suitably planned for their individual requirements.
  • Business development strategies for all current and emerging subsea cable markets, particularly the subsea High Voltage (HV) power cable segment, Fibre Optic and Survey
  • Technical Management of client’s personnel and marine assets during the project cycle
  • Specific knowledge for the installation, protection, and ongoing maintenance strategies for HV and telecoms system

Our experience is applicable to market business development, commercial support, project design and execution methodologies for installation and maintenance development.


Subsea High Voltage Power Cables.

With extensive experience in high voltage subsea cables for offshore wind projects and inter-connectors, Mario possesses a credible and strong basis to advise clients and support the challenges faced by energy developers.


Vessel Construction Management and Cable Lay Rigging

Having successfully delivered two major Cable Lay Vessel Conversions, and several focused modifications and mobilisations for the submarine cable market, Mario brings the knowledge, expertise and experience required to ensure your assets will be optimised for the operations to be undertaken.

CC Pacifique on Slipway

Subsea Cable Maintenance Strategies.

Damaged subsea power cables can result in significant revenue losses for offshore wind farms.  Latest data from the insurance industry suggests that subsea HV power cable issues represent approximately 80% of claims by volume and  75% of payout value in offshore wind.

  • 77% of damages are caused by 3rd parties , mainly ship’s anchors and fishing gear
  • 14% of damages are caused by natural hazards, like strong currents , shifting sediments or rocks and, incredibly, evidence has shown fish bites on several cables
  • 9% due to other causes such as internal faults , undermined root causes, and unexplained malfunctions

Mario’s expertise supports subsea cable owners and insurance underwriters in developing new solutions to minimise the impact of potential cable failures.

USA Vineyard Wind

Mario has extensive, professional and practical expertise, offering guidance in all aspects of the project inception, planning and execution including:

  • Market Intelligence
  • Consultancy and support for contract negotiation
  • Guidance of marketing material
  • Consultancy for tender submission
  • Lead/prospects generation, evaluation and follow-up
  • Development of business plans, marketing, and entry strategies
  • Sourcing local partners to support business in remote areas
  • Route engineering consultancy and support
  • Cable fault risk assessment
  • Guidance for cable installation techniques
  • Strategies for cost effective installation, and post installation maintenance
  • Planning for cable protection and remedial works